Membership Details

  • - 24/7 Emergency Service
  • - No overtime labor rates
  • - 10% off all parts used in repairs
  • - Included maintenance of heating and cooling equipment
  • - Prolonged life and efficiency of Heating and Cooling equipment
  • - Elimination of preventable service calls
  • - Discounts applies to all service calls even if call isn’t covered under plan
  • - Peace of Mind

Northwest Mechanical provides a membership program offering special discounts on overtime labor, as well as other included benefits. As a member, you will receive an initial equipment maintenance and will be exempt from paying overtime labor rates for any further service requests throughout the remainder of your membership term (annually). By joining our membership program, you can rest assured that any plumbing, heating and cooling issues you may encounter will be taken care of promptly, and will be significantly cheaper to fix. Below is a list of benefits to joining our Membership Club.